Friday, August 28, 2009

That Sound You Heard Last Night At Around 11.10pm…

...Was my jaw dropping and hitting the floor.

I am quite frankly in a state of disbelief, but I see that the good, sensible and beautiful people that read this blog actually went out and voted for it in the Total Politics Top Blogs Poll.

The top 100 right of centre blogs listing was published last night, and this blog has made a fantastic 48th place. I have no idea how many votes that would have required, but I know it is more that I thought I was likely to get. I shall be adding the appropriate badge to my side bar over the weekend.

I am left with a sense that this blog is punching well above its weight. My readership numbers are still quite low, and I would guess massively lower than some of the other blogs that finished around a similar position; which means that those of you who come here regularly has made me exceptionally proud by taking time out of your lives to register your votes. Please know that I am touched and exceptionally grateful, and I will endeavor to keep doing better to make the blog better.

My surprise did not end there…

I contribute to three blogs, this one, Football Banter which is obviously non-political, and also The Voice of the Resistance, which is a collaborative right of centre political blog that has only been running since late June. This blog also broke into the Top 100 finishing in 58th position which is astounding really as it could only have been going a few weeks before the poll started and illustrates the massive potential of this project.

I want to say Thank You to everyone who voted for this blog and/or The Voice of the Resistance, it is very much appreciated!

Now, back to reality and back to work.


Constantly Furious said...

Nice one; congrats.

Getting into these tables is better than readership numbers, because this is, as you say, people taking the trouble to specifically vote for you.

subrosa said...

Well done Dan, you deserve it.

Daniel1979 said...

Thank you both