Saturday, August 01, 2009

July's Top Referrals

I want to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who has sent traffic this way, below is my Top 10 referrers for July, with previous months position in brackets.

4. (-3) Cato Says

=5. (+6) Subrosa

=5. (+4) Twitter

11. (-6) 10 Downing Street by Lord Elvis, 12. (-3) Iain Dale, 13. (new) Tory Totty, =14. (new) CNN, =14. (new) Mark Reckons, =14. (-7) Events Dear Boy, Events, =17. (new) My Own Doubts, =17. (-6) Scunnert Nation, =17. (-10) John Ward, 20. (new) The All Seeing Eye.

The Top 3 posts for traffic were:

Thank you to every one who visits here, and who links here, please continue to pop by and leave your comments.


Goodnight Vienna said...

So does that mean having you on my blogroll is a waste of time? ;)

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Straight in at No.1 for TVOTR. Not a bad start.

Barking Spider said...

Straight in at No.3 for me ain't bad going.