Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back In The Saddle

I am back blogging again after a short break, I apologise to both my readers for my absence, but as explained before, the ol' noggin was going a little screwy - for some reason I felt fine writing about football, but every time I tried to apply myself here it just wasn't working. I am feeling better now in that respect.

Work however has gone crazy in recent months. Not because we are bucking the credit crunch, but because we have less than half the staff we had this time last year to do even more work. Things were bad enough but in late July another member of our team was "let go," and progress from his consultation seems to indicate there will be no way back unless others leave of their own accord.

This is of course a roundabout way of trying to evoke a mild feeling of understanding whilst subtly prodding your thoughts to the competition for what used to be amusing referred to as "my free time". Blogging is becoming less fun, and I have less time in which to do it.

You will perhaps scoff aloud, but about a year ago now in the lead up to my wedding I shared a thought with my intended. We talked about how I was contributing in the comments occasionally on mainstream blogs like Mr Hannans, and Guido's and I shared my frustration at not being able to shape the questions being asked and take the debate I thought it should go in. My genius idea was to start a blog after our wedding; but I had absolutely no idea of the length and breadth of the existing blogosphere. Turns out, if I had of looked a little harder I would have found more outlets for that frustration.

Fear not. I have taken stock and I am not packing my bags just yet. It occurs that given the extent of the blogs on offer I am hardly doing anything original enough to warrant stretching myself needlessly. Largely for the last 9 months I have enjoyed writing here, and it is helping me tap into a literary muscle that I knew was always in me but seldom exercised. So, and this is not carved in stone and is just my intentions now; I am looking to keep blogging here until about 100 days passed the UK General Election, whenever that may be. Please bare with me should I not post for a couple of days.

I may regret sharing that fact with you all in advance, but it is nearly always best to be honest about these things. I think by that point I will have been doing this long enough and will hopefully have vented my spleen and expressed what I hope will be considered some original thinking in a few least to a sufficient degree to be able to not ruin any more parties by ranting on about politics!! I also assume that by then it will feel about right to wind things down. If however, by some miracle Gordon Brown wins the next election, then I may well have topped myself moments after, and in that situation the blog will simply stop being updated at that point. I also have spared a thought for The Voice Of The Resistance, where I hope to be more active than I have been in recent weeks, as it is shaping up to being an excellent center for like minded opinions and seems to be growing support nicely.

It seems right to me, in my head to do as Cato suggested and keep buggering on for now and I hope that I have not peaked too soon, I feel that there are a few good posts left in me, and that I can join with others in running what seems like the most unpopular and incompetent Government ever out of town. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions at my nonsensical ramblings, and there is plenty more of those to come.


John M Ward said...

Oh, I'm sure that there are a LOT of very good posts in you — though I hope I won't have to "bare with" you on every such occasion. It's okay in the warm weather, but come winter… :-)

subrosa said...

Welcome back Dan. It's the silly season of course, you know when politicians are all away with their Bermuda shirts, buckets and spades.

Fausty said...

We've probably all been there, Dan.

I get a block when I try to write about something that doesn't interest me at the time. E.g., forcing a post about something hugely topical, when my head is into art, or sunshine ...

Glad you're giving it another go. I'm sure Brown will irritate us all plenty before the next election!

David Mosque said...

Keep up the good work Dan!