Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Daniel Hannan Interview

Just seen this on Paul Waugh’s politics blog, it’s another interview with Daniel Hannan from the US. This one, like his recent NHS one, is bound to cause a stir as Daniel when asked cites Enoch Powell as one of his political influences.

Interviewer: "Who are your political influences? I've seen you reference Ron Paul, I believe you have referenced Hayek and Freidman on your blog.

Hannan: "Yeah, all of those guys. In the British context, Enoch Powell. He was, as somebody who understood the importance of national democracy, who understood why you need to live in an independent country and what that meant, as well as being a free marketeer and a small government Conservative."


Barking Spider said...

Labour are going nuts clutching at straws over this one - brilliant! Nobody disagreed with his comments about the NHS and nobody will disagree with this interview either because they have all had enough of suffering under Labour's destructive immigration policy.

All Seeing Eye said...

Barking Spider is right, there will be a flurry of faux indignation as they try to reinforce the belief that Dan wants all first-born sacrificed to Satan.

Frankly I'd love to see him as an MP asap.