Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Am Not Surprised

The below extract is lifted entirely from a post called From The Horses Mouth over on Bloggers4UKIP.


Question: Mr. Cameron You have promised the country a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty when you become Prime Minister. Unlike the Labour Party who reneged on this promise, can we be assured that this is going to happen?

Answer: Yes, I have always said that I will give you a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, as long as the Treaty is not in force by the time we get into office.

Question: If the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified by the 27 countries and is in force at that time what will you do then?

Answer: If the Treaty is in force by the time we get into office it will have already in place a President and other pieces of legislation, therefore we will have to live with that and try and change from within the areas that matter to Britain.

Signed by: Elizabeth Curzon-Howe

Witnessed by: Richard Atkinson


I am personally not surprised, and it is only a small move from the previous "will not let matters rest" line that we heard last year. But to me and I suspect many others there is a fine line that it looks like David Cameron is looking to cross. He is not willing to stand up to the EU and is content to allow an unpopular amount of power and control be seized by the EU despite the failure of the current government to honour their referendum pledge.

The sting is because it stinks of politics, Cameron has not allowed talk on the EU from Conservatives, except the line on Lisbon and allowing a referendum if not already ratified; what exactly was the policy... offering a referendum on a then defunct treaty, or do nothing - very cavalier.

The thing is, this is the most reliable thing about the Conservative Party, their prompt abandonment of any sensible stance in opposition to the EU if too many people also find favour. Why are the Conservatives scared of representing the sensible majority of opinion on this most fundamental of matters? And if they can't here, can they be trusted to do so on anything else?

When Conservatives have tried to talk me into to being more supportive of David Cameron and the Conservatives I do whole-heatedly agree that we need a change of Government in Westminster and that as things stand the Conservatives are the best place to deliver on some of the changes we need. However, I do not, have not and will never trust their position on the EU, and I do not believe they will ever be the party to lead the UK out of the EU or even to do what the majority of people want if it flies in the faces of the Westminster metrosexual thinking.

Step forward a party that can, and will.


Barking Spider said...

Good post, Daniel, I don't trust Cameron one little bit over the EU. It's obvious to anyone that a referendum result would deliver a resounding "NO" vote, so what is his problem with standing up to the EU when he has the whole-hearted support of the British people to do so.

Tarquin said...

It's hardly surprising - the EU tore the Tories apart 20 years ago and they're scared of making it an issue again

It's bad because there's no party against the EU, which is ridiculous because, what? 70% (sic) don't want it enlarged

It's weak from Cameron, and not in the country's best interests - but when does that ever matter?

Personally I think he should be braver, even from his own opportunistic point of view - the issue has moved on from the 80s and early 90s, people are more against it and if there are still tensions within the party then they will poke out from underneath the thin layer of acceptance and that will help no one - Cameron is already showing himself to be a weak leader by not properly sorting the issue in his own party

scunnert said...

Your best post yet Daniel - keep it up laddie.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Cameron's done nothing but equivocate about the EU which means that unless the Better Off Out group get a stronger voice inside the Party, nothing will change. At the moment it looks as though UKIP are the only anti-EU party (or the BNP).