Monday, January 04, 2010

2009's Top Referrals

Here is a special mention for my top 10 referrers of the year for 2009

1. Letters from a Tory

2. Unenlightened Commentary

3. Daily Referendum

4. The Voice of the Resistance

5. SNP Tactical Voting

6. Scunnert Nation

7. An All Seeing Eye

8. EU Referendum

9. Subrosa

10. John M Ward

Thanks to everybody for linking here, it is very much appreciated. Without the traffic you send my little efforts would not be worth it. I like to acknowledge those who keep the traffic coming and say thanks to you all.

Here's hoping for a blogging good 2010!

1 comment:

John M Ward said...

Ah, I just squeezed in at Number 10 this year; but of course I am also a contributor at Voice of the Resistance (as are you) so perhaps I did a smidgen more than that suggests :-)