Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Politican Called Brown Who May Win An Election... Today

The Americans are still much better at these You Tube adverts than we are in the UK, this is one I spotted over at Tory Bear's place, thought I would give it an airing over here too. 

Today is the day of the big Massachusetts Election for a new Senator.  I will not pretend to know all the details, but the Republican candidate Scott Brown is polling unexpectedly close to his Democratic rival Martha Coakley.  Massachusets is the bluist of the blue states and Edward Kennedys now vacant seat was considered amongst the safest in the US.  So, for the Democrat not to be leaps and bounds out in front is an embarrassment to them, and to President Obama. If the unexpected does happen and the Republicans win the seat, it will be seen as a rebuke against President Obama's agenda especially his much debated healthcare reform bill.

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