Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New - Wikio Labs

Dan the Man from Wikio has emailed me today with news of the launch of Wikio Labs and having just gone and had a play around with some of the tools I have to say I like it. It will not be for everybody, but will be of interest to a number of bloggers. It requires no log in so is a tool which is open to the blogosphere to do some analysis. I understand that some of these tools have been designed based on the feedback from bloggers.

Basically, Wikio Labs (still in the Experimental Edition) is designed to give those of us with blogs a bit of a look inside the Wikio aligned Blogosphere and it has to be played with to be appreciated properly. For example, ever wondered which backlinks were giving you such a good Wikio Ranking? Well, using the Backlink Factory now you can go see who has been linking to you. Likewise, you can see your outgoing links by volume to other blogs. The cool thing is, as an analysis tool, this works for any url that you pop into the tool, so if you want to know who is consistently linking to a particular blog, or how a particular blog has achieved a high ranking, Wikio Labs now give this tool to go and analyse these things. This tool might in itself prompt some lively discussions about blog affiliations already in place.

Speaking of Wikio Rankings, there is a tool which has tracked your rankings over time, so now there is the option to go view a particular blogs progress in the rankings over time in a tool called Wikio Sources. Enter the url and look through summaries and articles of that blog. There is also then the statistics which shows a graph for Overall Ranking, Sub Ranking (i.e. Politics, sport etc), Publication volume and Number of backlinks.

Buzz Clouds are included to show trending topics of discussion and link back to the main Wikio Page. Wikio Trends is a simple to help demonstrate how a particular trending topic has garnered attention over time, versus another trending topic. Here’s some I made earlier…


Conclusions. The tools are cool, I am just a big kid when it comes to things like this, and I think there is something for most bloggers here, even is some may not see value in it. Some of the big boy blogs and MSM blogs will definitely find some benefit in the trending tools, especially comparison by trending topics. MSM Blogs may wish to see if they are setting the agenda or following it. For those of us who do not necessarily need nor want the broader analysis tools, there is the Backlink Factory analysis tool which may (or may not) stir a few dramas about who is, or is not linking to whom. I have added to my favourites already for the occasional browse.

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Matt Wardman said...

I'm not sure how many MSM blogs are in Wikio ... I really don't know and will need to check.