Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Plot Resolution

Having just read the plotters email sent from Hewtitt and Hoon I feel I agree. There should be a secret ballot; but it should be a General Election because the people of the UK should have their say on who should be Prime Minister. The Labour Party took the change of leadership from Tony Blair and elevated Gordon Brown, they feared not just the opinion of the public but a challenge no matter how flimsy from within their party.

There will be Labour MP's going on telly today and they will pick their words carefully. The truth as I and everybody I know see's it is that Gordon Brown is discredited within, and incapable of the role he holds... The role that the Labour Party appointed him to. Their Party's implosion is the right tonic for ignoring the need for democratic consent and scrutiny. Serious mistakes beget serious consequences.

Somebody send a taxi to Number 10, he should be due at Buckingham Palace this afternoon.

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Future History of England said...

Something I suggested would happen on the first of the year.