Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling Cold

It has been five long years since I last visited a cinema, or there about at least.  The last movie I went to see on the big screen was the third Star Wars instalment, which despite being better than episodes one and two I still left feeling let down, especially as that particular franchise which needs to be judged per trilogy.  I think after episodes 1 & 2, nothing short of the beheading of Ja Ja Binks by Natalie Portman would have brought a similar warm feeling that was enjoyed after watching the original films as a child, perhaps it really was a mistake to revisit the story.  I went however because it "had to" be seen on the big screen; it was just one of those movies.

Since then, and not only because of George Lucas, there has not been a single film that has been appealing enough to drag me back into what has become an expensive experience.  There have been a few films along the way that have had me looking up film times, but I have not wanted to see a film so much that I have felt the need to re-arrange other activities for it.  I have been married over a year, yet since I have know my wife which is coming on for five years we have never been to the cinema together.  We almost made it to Casino Royale but the pre-film drinks turned into drinks and dinner and we gave it a miss and rented the DVD some months later.

It irks me, because for many years films were a big part of my recreation, and were entangled within many of the social interactions of my now fading faded youth.  Having not made it to the cinema until very nearly 14 years old, I spent the next few years catching up and would go as frequently as possible.  When studying, a small amount of my the wages I could muster went every month to Virgin Megastores on some VHS deals so as to build up a small collection of films which poses space problems in my house to this day - I needed movies in my life.  Now-a-days I am rating films from the trailers and they all seem predictable and boring... certainly not worth the cost of admission any way.  The experience of renting DVD's has too often confirmed that we were right to stay home in the first place.  I struggle to think of a really decent film made in the last 5 years (... that I have seen) and would have to go back to the late 90's to find a year when a few good films would have been made in close succession.  It is probably me, films just don't seem to be made to cater for my tastes, and when they kinda do, the ending is usually a letdown.  (See, Indiana Jones 4, No country for old men and a host of poor horror films.)  Please tell me, am I alone here?

Today, I learned that an A Team film was due for release in cinema's this year, and upon hearing the news lept forth to You Tube for a peak of any trailer that may be available, which I duly watched, but again I am left feeling cold. 

Here is the A Team trailer:

It would perhaps irk less, except, there is no decent entertainment programmes being made for British television... but that is an entirely different and much longer rant all together. 


Barking Spider said...

I know what you mean, mate, I haven't been for years, there are too many negatives - you can't pause the film when you need a pee, you can't have a fag, and there's always some noisy little bastard(s) getting stuck into bags of crisps and their girlfriend(s) while making rustling noises, crunching noises, slurping noises and "whispering" in her ear while trying to get into her knickers!

Apart from that, I saw No Country For Old Men for the first time a couple of nights ago and having drawn me in all the way along, it then had a really awful cop-out ending - the wrong people were killed and the nutter who should have been the one to get it walked off with his arm in a sling.....crap!

As for that A Team trailer - I won't be rushing to see that film in the cinema, on DVD, on satellite TV or terrestrial TV - ever - it stinks!

James Higham said...

It's this alienation feeling, you know.

subrosa said...

Oh BS you're showing your age. :)

I admit I haven't been for years either. Most film reviews seem to be about social issues when all I want is a little escapism in the form of a good murder plot or a steamy romance.

According to an American friend of mine, who is over 70 and has been a life-long lover of cowboys movies, she hasn't seen a decent cowboy film for years. Mind you, she's got thousands she's collected on tape from the old days and this year's task is to transfer them onto DVD. I think she'll enjoy that somehow.

All Seeing Eye said...

I think the last time we went to the cinema was to watch Final Destination 2. Thinking it was a 2-ish kickoff we went for a drink beforehand only to find out that it started at 7. When we got in we were, of course, outrageously drunk and laughed out loud every time someone was killed. I think that started my habit of downloading everything and watching it at home. Lack of a local cinema doesn't help either.

And I'm not going to watch the so-called A-Team movie. Mr T doesn't fly, fool!