Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Cameron Gaffe?

I really did think the Conservatives were having a good day.  However, David Cameron was just on ITV News at Ten and said the Conservatives want to get rid of Regional Assemblies - at least I think that is just what he said, feel free to correct me.... (I am 99.99% certain).

This is a pledge that Eric Pickles announced in 2008 and was latterly confirmed by David Cameron.  (RDA's or Regional Development Agencies are the same as Regional Assemblies, just by another name.)

This is a welcomed move that I would support as these were foisted upon us from Brussels and are central to the EU's attempt to weaken England through regionalisation.

However, the Conservatives own website states that they aspire not to scrap or get rid of RDA's or Regional Assemblies but that they aim to reform them.

Policy Quote:

"Reforming the Regional Development Agencies to create a vibrant, business-focused force that is more responsive to local needs."

Source: The Conservative Party Website

So, which is it Mr Cameron, will you "scrap" them or is "reform" your party's agenda?

It's not like this particular contradiction has not already been pointed out, over a month ago.  I do wish the Tories would get their Policy Line in order!

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