Monday, March 22, 2010

If You loved Me You Would X

In the lead up to the election I have been getting a lot of new traffic, and I just wanted to gently prod those visiting on the ways you can get your regular Governmentitus updates.

1. Bookmark me.  Simples.

2. Blogger.  Add my url to the "blogs I am following" function on your blogger dashboard.

3.  Governmentitus Facebook group.  I have recently set this up.  If you follow this facebook group which I will drop my links in for back to the blog; but you can also drop your own bloglinks or if you prefer newslinks in.  The Group is there for members to share favourite posts and is there to highlight how sick we are of our Government.  The more that follow the better the group will be.  There is also the discussion and video functions.

4. Networked Blogs.  The preferred tool for bloggers on Facebook. 

5. Get a daily email.  Just pop your email address into the field in my right hand side bar and Feedburner will do the rest.

6.  RSS Feed.  I am not an RSS user, but if you are you too can follow Governmentitus by clicking on the icon and adding me to your feed list.

7.  Twitter.  Follow me as Danny1979 on Twitter.

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