Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Budget Live Blog - Join In Today After Noon

The window will (should) be up nice and early on Governmentitus because of my recent technical glitches, thus if you are here early please note the fun will begin a little after noon just before the Budget starts.

This is a blogosphere collaboration between A Tangled Web, All Seeing Eye, Barking Spider, Biased-BBC, Corrugated Soundbite, Dick Puddlecote, Governmentitus, GrumpyOldTwat, Man Widdecombe, and Subrosa

You can comment here on Governmentitus or at any of these highly recommended blogs, and everybody will be on the same chat.  This is a break out of the highly popular and successful Question Time Live Blog sessions held on Biased-BBC.

1 comment:

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