Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Who Makes Your Laws?

Two complimentary posts from the blogosphere today, both from bloggers named James.

First, James Kirkup notes that MPs have again knocked off early, and asks what is the point of the House of Commons?

The gist being that the Commons sat at 11.30am and rose at 4.01pm as there was no business left to discuss.  I would remind that this is hot on the heels of a two week recess.

Second, James Higham lists (and links to) a raft of EU Legislation ready to go (lazily copied and pasted by me):

European Union Directory of Community legislation in preparation:

01 General, financial and institutional matters (number of acts: 55)

02 Customs Union and free movement of goods (number of acts: 41)

03 Agriculture (number of acts: 110)

04 Fisheries (number of acts: 47)

05 Freedom of movement for workers and social policy (number of acts: 33)

06 Right of establishment and freedom to provide services (number of acts: 11)

07 Transport policy (number of acts: 67)

08 Competition policy (number of acts: 2)

09 Taxation (number of acts: 42)

10 Economic and monetary policy and free movement of capital (number of acts: 28)

11 External relations (number of acts: 443)

12 Energy (number of acts: 27)

13 Industrial policy and internal market (number of acts: 85)

14 Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments (number of acts: 17)

15 Environment, consumers and health protection (number of acts: 126)

16 Science, information, education and culture (number of acts: 23)

17 Law relating to undertakings (number of acts: 17)

18 Common Foreign and Security Policy (number of acts: 20)

19 Area of freedom, security and justice (number of acts: 112)

20 People’s Europe (number of acts: 1)

So, don't forget to ask your MP and prospective MPs what the hell they will be getting up to as it seems like the answer will be "not much, the EU makes all the laws now". 
If you don't like this, and want to do something about it, please go read about the Albion Alliance and have a think about how you can push for an EU referendum by applying pressure to our MPs and wannabe MPs BEFORE this General Election. 
Time is of a premium, if you have not already, get writing today!


James Higham said...

Not lazy at all - I did the same. :)

Witterings From Witney said...

All the more reason D, that we get the hell out of the EU, then employ the brick wall and AK47 remedy to most of our MPs and all quangocrats. Having then wiped the slate clean.............

Seriously though, we the people have to make it known through the ballot box that the 'three party club' is now disolved and as a result we are going to try some new ideas.