Monday, July 13, 2009

118800 Update

Last week I posted a piece about the new mobile directory that was to be launched on 118800, I had received word both of the directory’s existence and of a way to opt my number out from the 15m that are stored.

Today I see on their website that this service is suspended, and it looks like it may be suspended indefinitely. Apparently there was a very large take up of the opt-out service in recent weeks, as emails warning of it circulated around the Internet.

I understand that Privacy concerns were met during the inception of this directory, but I have to say I would not want my phone number on it. Anyone I want to have my mobile number already has it, and I do not give it out to companies. People of a like mind to me will probably not be too upset to see this development.

I am wondering if perhaps directories have had their day. Instead of companies collating lists of phone numbers and distributing them, surely in the age of the Internet it would now be more sensible if people opted into phone directories. Anyone who wants their landlines and/or mobile numbers listed can go the relevant page or phone the relevant number…. Everyone else could be left out. Some people do want to be a part of the phone book; I have never once seen any benefit for it. Not sure what the consensus would be here, perhaps I am in the minority.


Letters From A Tory said...

It is unacceptable that the default position is for my personal information to be handed out. This is why we need new, strong privacy laws.

Neil 118800 said...

Hi, im Neil from

We don’t give out mobile numbers. 118800 is a service for connecting people that know each other’s name and address.

In the majority of cases it will be a friend or colleague who has lost your number or doesn’t have it on them and needs to get in touch. If you are contacted it will be by 118800 calling to announce the name of that person, or sending a text message with the name and number of the person trying to get in touch. It will then be up to you whether you want to speak to them or not.

For more information please visit our website on