Thursday, July 16, 2009

Accepting Nominations

Ok, so I put a random thought on the blog, it festered and now I feel compelled to take it further.

We don't have a say, we don't have a vote and most of us don't want the role. But, if we did and it was for national debate, who exactly would the UK put up for the role of President of the EU?

Not being a Parliamentary poll, we would need to put up an individual on behalf of the whole nation. The number of people with the requisite experience and appeal is indeed limited. Here are a few thoughts, please add have a think and add yours to the comments... once we have a shortlist maybe it will warrant a poll of it's own.

Labour: Tony Blair. As much as I dread the idea, he is Labour #1 and only credible candidate. Once made a remark about preferring to nail his boy bits to a train rather than being President - now that would get people out of their cars, if only for a day. Ken Livingstone may want to offer an alternative vision and is popular on the left from his time on the GLC and as London Mayor. Mandelson would love it, but no one outside of politics likes him.

Conservative: I am struggling to name a credible candidate. Sir John Major? He has the experience, but may be too EUrophile for Conservative voters [in this non-existent poll]. Daniel Hannan would be a popular candidate but would be blocked at every turn by the EU itself.

Liberal: Paddy Ashdown has been strutting around the global scene for the last decade and has connections world wide and is respected in many quarters. Won Tory votes in South of England so can cross UK political divide. Charlie Kennedy would be the fun candidate.

SNP: Alex Salmond. Is a good public speaker and made the SNP strong in Scotland again. Has the experience of being First Minister of Scotland and an MP.
update 17-Jul-09 08:44 Scunnert suggests Nicola Sturgeon as an alternative SNP candidate.

UKIP: Nigel Farage. Anti EU, Conservative in nature. Would reverse EU direction on further integration and would probably work the position of President out of existence. But like Mr Hannan would be roadblocked - still my preferred candidate.

Respect: George Galloway. Crazier things have happened, but not too many.

BNP: Nick Griffin. Says the BNP want to return powers to the UK, but many politicians have taken this line on the way to Brussels, before changing their tune when they get on the gravy train, I suspect the BNP will be no different... oh yeah, he is also a Fascist.

Greens: I don't know any, but feel free to nominate

Independents: Richard Branson, Robert Kilroy-Silk, Sir Paul Judge and Sir Alex Ferguson could all put together a campaign.

Come on, have your say!


scunnert said...

Nicola Sturgeon?

Tarquin said...

How exactly are they choosing a candidate anyway - is this another inside job from the EU?

Daniel1979 said...

Tarquin - It looks like the Council President will be as reward for sevices to the EU, entirely decided by those who are it most solid supporters.

Scunnert - indeed yes, i will add her.

If anyone can think of anyone else leave a comment.

North Northwester said...

I'll do it, I'll do it!

Just as long as I'm confirmed in full joint session of the Commission, Court, Parliament and Council of Ministers... and they don't search me first.