Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nigel Farage - Don't Turn EU Into USSR

The EU affords an armed uniformed ceremony for the trooping of the EU flag at the opening of Parliament before the EU Parliament sings an ode to joy, the official anthem of the EU. The flag and anthem were once dropped from the EU Constitution to appease the French & Dutch, and then were simply introduced by another means. Was this what the Labour Party promised you?

The UK must leave the EU; furthermore it is about time the whole of the UK started talking about whether we should continue as the UK or if we should now devolve back to our component nations.

The tools of the state and the EU have grown and have been twisted to ensure that total control is held by a select elite... You and I can never be a part of it in any way that will make the lives of the people that work hard, pay taxes and wish to live in peace and raise a family any better.

The people of England, the people of the UK and the people of Europe all deserve, and can do much better.


Barking Spider said...

This is a great speech, Daniel - well spotted. I'm going to nick it and post it over at my place too, if you don't mind.

Daniel1979 said...

Not at all