Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Have Decided To Take A Holiday..

Now see here, I have decided that I am going to take the month of August off of work; basically, I work quite long hours during the rest of the year and I have to travel quite a bit so I am quite tired. I know you have paid a lot of money in taxes to buy me a second home, furnish it, keep an office, hire staff, pay for a few luxuries, not forgetting a generous salary; however, like I said, I am a bit tired so I am going got do it anyway. I work on your behalf in a stressful environment and everyone I work with deserves the same.

Don’t be surprised, I am allowed 85 days off, People think thats unfair but it is not... I am just taking August - as in September I have decided that I shall do some work nearer home…Nobody ever thinks to mention that I work in September! I expect a hysterical response from the masses because they are too thick to understand that I really am working hard. If you get upset reading this then you may well be hysterical or thick, or both.

Also, I normally take August off, or I have for the last four years since I have been in this job; usually I “phone in” a couple of times each day,… so technically even though I am at home, on a beach or in a bar you really should recognise that this is a sacrifice I make for you. But this year, I feel I deserve a break so I am going off for a month and I am not going to phone in, I will be incommunicado.

I really don’t see why anybody could be upset in the slightest.

Nb. I am not really… but I have paraphrased someone who is. See Here.


Shibby said...

HAHA! Good post.

subrosa said...

Better than the linked post. I thought it was Gordon Brown in the beginning, but then he never takes holidays, although he's going to the Lakes campaigning I've heard.

We've got the supporting acts looking after us - all competing for a leadership challenge, allegedly.

Barking Spider said...

These people......!!??

I thought it was Brown too but of course he's already announced that he's going to "Jonah" the Lake District!