Tuesday, October 20, 2009

EDM 2090 - Parliamentary Elections (Recall And Primaries) Bill

Please write to, email, twitter or generally harass your MP in the most appropriate form to sign up to this EDM from Doug Carswell MP.



Carswell, Douglas

That this House is deeply concerned about the lack of public engagement in political and democratic affairs and the cynicism and distrust of the political system felt by many voters; notes that the recent Power Inquiry found that this is all too often borne out of a sense of disempowerment; believes that new measures are required to enable voters to participate more fully in the political system; welcomes the provisions of the Parliamentary Elections (Recall and Primaries) Bill tabled by a cross-party group of hon. Members that would permit voters to recall their hon. Member in certain specified circumstances and also require a returning officer to hold primary elections if requested to do so by any local political party with the support of at least 1,000 voters; further notes that the leaders of the three largest political parties have expressed support for the need for new initiatives to engage the public; and hopes that this Bill will become law expeditiously, believing that it will help restore faith in the political process.


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Tarquin said...

I've got a Tory front-bencher in an uber-safe seat - I've tried it before, they have absolutely no need to listen to you unless you basically blackmail them with negative press