Thursday, October 01, 2009

Septembers Top Referrals

Thanks to everyone listed below for the fantastic traffic in September, last months position in the top 20 is shown in brackets.

1.  (RE)  Letters From A Tory

2.  (+2)  Voice Of The Resistance

3. (=)  Unenlightened Commentary

4.  (-3)  An All Seeing Eye

5.  (+2)  Rantin Rab

6.  (NEW)  EU Referendum

=7.  (+8)  SNP Tactical Voting

=7.  (NEW)  The Red Rag

9. (-4)  Scunnert Nation

=10.  (+5)  John M Ward

=10. (-1)  Calling England

12. Daily Referendum, 13. BBC =14. Events Dear Boy, Events  =14. Subrosa  =16. Barking Spider  =16.  18. Not A Sheep, Maybe A Goat 19. Faustie  20. My Own Doubts

Traffic was up to pre-summer levels in September, and is still mostly arriving direct or via Blogger, traffic via search engines is way down on what was arriving earlier in the year.  Thanks to everyone who links here, I appreciate all of the hits and like to say Thank You [at least] every month to my top referrers.

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