Monday, October 12, 2009

A Very Modern Coup d'etat

According to The Times, the French and the Germans have applied the pressure on the Czech Government which is now meeting to discuss ways to circumvent President Klaus and adopt the Lisbon Treaty.  It is claimed that Impeachment of President Klaus is one of the options being looked at.

The Czech Constitutional Court is reviewing the Lisbon Treaty again, and President Klaus is also looking for some opt-outs similar to those negotiated by Britain.  It would appear the notion of President Klaus seeking to hold off ratification for long enough for a British referendum is as suspected fantasy.  With the attentions of the entire EU now on the Czech Republic it is certain that the EU will find a way to force this through, or it may even threaten the Czech republic with expulsion from the EU if it does not sign.

If all the existing nations did not sign it would likely mean that a new ratification would be required, but each Government would surely take the existing ratifications and use that as authority to sign quickly.  Alternatively, the existing treaty will be signed and the EU will simp0ly ignore that The Czechs are not a part of it.  Thanks to Brown and Cleggs betrayal of their Party Manifesto Pledges, we are now tied into the tyranical EU.

It should come as no surprise that when the politics of your nation differ from that of the EU elite, they have no qualms in getting involved.  We are no longer a continent of individual nations we are a part of a supra-national bloc.  Your government is in Brussels now.  I hate it, but that is a fact.  Lisbon is just the icing on the cake.  You will now longer have representation in the manner we in the UK are comforted by, only the voices of the lobbyists and the corporations is big enough to be heard in the EU Capital.

I want out, but to get out we need whomever controls the next Westminster Parliament to be in favour of withdrawal.  And as that looks to be the Conservatives, it may just mean that it is time to relocate abroad.  Perhaps a rapid swing to THIS PARTY is our only chance now?

Update: The Boiling Frog points me, and all of us to THIS article from Bruno - Seems President Klaus is not backing down!


The Boiling Frog said...

I couldn't agree more, Daniel. But in a perverse way I can't help thinking that the Lisbon Treaty may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

One of the EU’s strengths is to remain hidden - the elephant in the room if you like - whilst exercising the real power behind the scenes. How many conversations have you had, for instance, where people criticise things that are wrong with this country and you have to say; "ah but that's because it’s an EU Regulation etc" and they didn't know.

Even if we had the chance to reject the treaty, not only would most of it be implemented anyway under existing treaties but it still won’t solve the problem that we current have – that we’re still in the EU.

The Lisbon Treaty however brings that elephant well out into the open, especially the ‘ratcheting’ clause; Article 48 (7). The more power the EU gets, the more that it’ll want and then it becomes impossible to hide the anti-democratic nature and laws from everyday life.

A government that imposes itself on a population against its will cannot last forever especially without the rule of fear. The EU is making a rod for its own back.

Having said that, it is depressing that Klaus will be unlikely to hold out until next year – I have written to him for a third time giving him support probably to no avail.

Sometimes I think perhaps it’s just better to leave a truck bomb outside the BerlayMonster and be done with it.

scunnert said...

The ratification of Lisbon truly heralds the end of nations - and yet the MSM ignores this! No more France - no more Germany - no more UK - and the media is silent?

Daniel1979 said...

Boiling Frog - I too have written to President Klaus, I also got a response... but I fear President Klaus will be toppled or he will be forced to sign.

It is pitiful in a way that British hopes rest on the Czech President... Our home resistance, and democracy has failed.

You might be right about bringing the EU to the open, certianly with a president, and the EGF it is going to be easier to point to these things.

Scunnert - it never ceases to enrage me. One week a particular MSM outlet will take an EUSceptic line, the next it is bewilderingly ignorant.

I don't know what the answer is, when I talk to people they are upset about the EU, or ignorant to its power. But stories in the MSM haven't really awoken the apathetic beast. The blogosphere has done well to highlight much, and has only spread the word a little further. I do not understand how so many can be individually upset, but so few are prepared to do anything about it.

The only hope maybe to envoke clause 6 of the Magna Carta, but we need some Barons to petition the Queen which has not happened yet, and when this was tried on the Nice Treaty, the attempt failed.

The Boiling Frog said...

Have you seen this Daniel? A glimmer of hope?

"Czech Republic government caves in to eurosceptic president"

Daniel1979 said...

I had not seen that BF, thanks for highlighting.

I am about to get in my car, but when I get home I will look again and see if there are nay more developments. #fingerscrossed