Monday, October 19, 2009

On The Ropes

It has not been a good few weeks to be a EUsceptic.

Crash - Lisbon accepted by the voters of Ireland in referendum.

Bang - Tony Blair favourite to become EU President.

Smash - Poland's President Kaczynski signs Lisbon Treaty.

Wallop - Czech President Klaus indicates he will sign Lisbon soon.

Knockout blow? - UKIP ordered to pay back over £350k.

When the dust settles and we are locked in we will only have ourselves to blame.  We talk of the freedoms and protections that our fathers and our grandfathers spilt blood for but what have we really done?  When faced with an enemy dressed in suits and wielding laws and promises instead of swords and guns we have let down our guard and allowed the trade of the very fundamental gifts that has kept people on our earth free to live life and enjoy liberty.   When men and women spoke in their hushed tones about making our lives easier and better if only we would relinquish just a little more control.  At what point did looking the other way become a national trait?

Our lives become gloomier by the week as the squeeze of statist-socialism destroys our country a little more by every passing week.  There will be no Hollywood rescue, no last minute respite, we elected them and put them in their position and paid for their lifestyles.  They did what we should have known they were going to do!  We became blind and we have been betrayed.  At what point will this Island awaken from it's interminable slumber?

This is the Endgame. Rise up Britain; speak now or forever hold your peace.

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scunnert said...

I think Daniel that the whole of the UK needs to have a constitutional conversation. The "settled will" of the peoples of these Islands is being ignored and manipulated. Folks have to send a big message to all political parties that they DO NOT ACCEPT the Liesbon Treaty.