Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Interesting Story, Or Not...

I have been reading, or not reading what Carter Ruck is, or is not up to in relation to the Guardian, Parliament and potential questions that may, or may not be asked.  Seems while I was asleep last night this all brewed up and the blogosphere found a few juicy questions that may, or may not have been cause for censor.  Seems that looking through the order book has revealed that there is still much to pay attention to.  A number of different solid theories have been advanced and there may, or may not, or may be supporting documents on Wikileaks, perhaps.

I had a look myself this morning, and I am a little surprised, or not, that nobody thought that this might be the offending enquiry.  Though not seriously, perhaps, maybe.

Perhaps only because this would be more exciting, and movie-esque, or not. I guess we all hit a question we thought it might be... Still I would like to know the answers to these.


scunnert said...

Good find Daniel.

banned said...

I don't give a Carter £uck about the Guardians problems but did Norman Baker get an answer ?

Daniel1979 said...

It does not look like the answer has been published, I am assuming because it has not been answered yet, but I am not the greatest for finding my way around Hansard.

Interestingly, Mandys companion to the summit (G. Osbourne) did declare this months back.

I also found a previous question from Norman Baker, it seems he has been on Mandy's tail for a while on this point, and it is clear that for some reason Mandy is trying not to provide straight answers.

I will keep an eye out on this.