Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Technology Quiz

Imagine you are suddenly transported back to a time before technology... Could you, with the benefit of being a person from the future kick-start any technological revolutions?

Whilst over at Danny's I saw this LINK and had a go (takes 2 mins).  Pretty revealing.

For the record, a respectable (I think) 6 out of 10 for moi.


Blue Eyes said...

8/10 "quite useful"

Danny Finkelstein has no use, whatsoever.

nemo_sum said...

10/10 here - not that I like to boast - much!!

banned said...

I have previously pondered this question and know that I would be rubbish. We all need to think about how we would get on in a pre-industrial era since that is where the climate-meltdown crowd want us to go.