Friday, October 23, 2009

QT Last Night

I was going to post my thoughts here on QT last night, but Blogger has been down all morning and I have to start work in the next few minutes.

I would like to hear what people's opinions are on the appearance of Nick Griffin, and also, if anyone saw the early part of This Week on their theory that voters in London being more sophisticated; and thus reject the BNP but those of us not fortunate enough to benefit from living in the capital are ignorant, unfeeling and/or uneducated becuase we can't see what the BNP is really about. [Their arguement, which of course completely failed to acknowledge the BNP presence on the London Assembly.]

Anyway off to work, more later.


Tarquin said...

I felt it was rather too 'about' Griffin - not surprising though, the audience were always going to be pretty hostile, let alone the panel

re; the London thing - obviously, as you say they have representatives on the assembly, but I'd say (if it was true) it's probably more down to the amount of immigrants in London

A lot of BNP members live in commuter belts in Hertfordshire, places like welwyn - wonder how sophisticated they are..

Daniel1979 said...

I think it was a score draw in the Griffin vs everyone else dept. but the person who came off least well would be Jack Straw.

Interestingly, a lot of people had different thoughts and opinions before the show, and everyone seems to think their vision and/or predictions have been validated, which is in itself unusual and interesting.

Tarquin said...

Yeah, Straw cocked up - and he's Labour's best debater, the problem is there was little policy to actually debate, and he couldn't say a thing about immigration because of the party line - and that's exactly why voters are turned off by politicians and some go to the loudest nutjobs they can find

By predictions do you mean the whole
'the BNP will get more support'
'we need to expose the BNP's real views and laugh'
'it'll be a farce' etc

I guess they all sort of did come true in a way - although I don't think they really got anything more out of it than all the news coverage they got after winning EU seats