Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phone Poll - 99% Want Out Of EU

Not well today, am probably dying of the most severe flu & cold combination ever, but braved my way to work, and am just home now.

I wasn't going to blog tonight, but just read over on the Express an article about EU plans in implement direct taxation on the UK population, which has been on the books for a long time now, but something I am not so sure the wider public are too aware of (I may be wrong there though).  But it was something else at the end of the article that caught my eye.

Cut to the end....
"A huge majority of readers backs Britain leaving the EU, the Daily Express phone poll revealed last night. Asked whether the UK should get out, an astonishing 99 per cent said yes.

Of the thousands who voted, just a few readers said the UK ought to stay in."

Perhaps not an accurate cross section of the entire population, but still, 99% is the margin Saddam Hussein proclaimed to be winning elections by; it is crazy that such a widely held opinion is still so completely and absolutely ignored by the party leadership in Westminster.  At what point of resistance and contempt towards the EU must the people reach before we get REPRESENTATION in this country?  If we chucked out every single MP at the next election, would we really get a Parliament that represented us any more fairly?

Now, more than ever we need a real EUsceptic representation in Westminster.  MP's need to be reminded they are there to represent and defend us; not to feather their own nests and do as they please.


Right, off to my bed for some recuperation, I swear my throat is so sore I might wake up dead tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sad isn't it Daniel. We are all so lethargic about it, I am livid about this but it's hard to know what to do for the best. I think that the VAST majority would like to vote for one of the two main parties but with a commitment to withdraw from the EU.

I really feel powerless by this although I did have an idea...:

How about a single issue party to withdraw from the EU and if elected would pass a pre-prepared bill and then call a general election.

I know it sounds hair brained but I genuinely don't know how else to actually get the MAJORITY heard! It's ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

When the piggies come round electioneering before the May's contest,(you know, when they suddenly remember that they have to acknowledge us in order to get another 5 years on the gravy train and a place at the trough), we shoud simply... all 99% of us ....demand a referendum. "I won't vote for you unless you give me a referendum on the EU." Simples

(When I say "we" and "99%", I don't want anyone to think that I have ever even had a copy of the Express in my hands.

Anyway. I hope you don't wake up dead or it will have been a waste of my time typing this.

Tarquin said...

While we're on scummy tactics, have you seen this disgrace? (it's actually a really good story)

Hat-tip to Old Holborn

I call shenanigans on that poll btw - were they only questioning express 'readers' (considering they kept saying the word)? Most polls show it's about 70-30, which is still high, but I reckon there must have been a leading question or some rigging going on

Tris - that is how it should work, but as we know - it doesn't, because we have a gerrymandered electoral system and several million mindless sheep, we have no control over politicians and could only exercise our will by all of us actually agreeing not to vote 'big 2' (or three) - otherwise they can do and say as they want, knowing there are only two choices available and they just have to be the lesser of two evils

Dick Puddlecote said...

"I might wake up dead tomorrow"

Crikey! That's almost considered and 'scientific' Labour logic. Have you turned? ;-)

banned said...

The best way to get canvassers to your door ( and thus force them to listen to the referensum demand ) is to be listed as undecided or a wavering supporter.
No canvasser bothers to visit addresses listed as commited to their party ( no point ) or another ( also, no point ).

Be A Floater !

Daniel1979 said...

Anon - I think that is a good idea and something I would be interested in backing. However, to be honest I do not see it happening, unless perhaps some highly motivated people could get a lot of things organised over the web pretty quick.

Tris - I can't wait for someone to come canvassing around my house, nobody has ever knocked on my door. I will not be voting Tory based on their current EU policy.

Tarquin - I would say that it is a shocking article you left the url for, but after a moments pause it is exactly the kind of thing that is typical of this particular government. I had not seen reference to this story before, it should have received wide attention in the MSM.

Dick Puddlecote - I most certainly have not turned, there isn't a fever on earth that could make me that delirious.

Banned - I am not a member of a party, but I still have never had people canvas my house at any of the places I have lived in recent years. I have decided it is best to be a floating voter and pursue my own agenda here on the blog rather than that of a particular party.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, at least you didn't wake up dead....