Thursday, January 22, 2009

"2-Oaths" Obama

And thus a nickname is born.

Apparently Chief Justice John Roberts has been dubbed "Oaf of Office" in the US Media for his role in Obama's Oath of Office.

Chester A Arthur and Calvin Coolidge also had to repeat the oath.

Chester A Arthur swore the oath at home with a New York Supreme Court Judge John R. Brady, but then repeated it when he arrived in Washington D.C.(as he was ascending from the Vice-Presidency to the Presidency after the death of President Garfield)

Coolidge also ascended from the Vice Presidency after his Father administered the initial Oath of Office upon receipt of the news via messenger that President Harding had died. He re-took the Oath of Office upon his return to Washington D.C. the following day.

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robertr123 said...

Barack Obama has taken the oath of office for a second time after stumbling over the words when originally sworn-in as president. In a highly unusual move, the new leader took the oath in the Map Room of the White House, the day after his inauguration as the nation's first African-American president.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who first administered the oath on Tuesday on the steps of the US Capitol, again performed the ceremony, but this time in front of only a handful of staff and journalists - and with no bible. So this is BOUND to get conspiracy therorists and god-fearing folk to demand that the OAF (this SURELY can stand for something like Obama Acting Foolishly)

After a flawless recitation (sans bible), this will be widely seen (I am sure) as just a technicality as no family was there - just staff and reporters.

At the end of day 1 though, there is already a chink in Obama "ascendancy". US TV has reported that 37.8 million people watched Tuesday's ceremony and celebrations in their own homes, while the Reagan event in 1981 attracted 41.8 million.

In a country where media is king, this is surely a blow to 2-Oaths!?