Friday, January 23, 2009

We Are In Recession

For me, today's confirmation that we are in recession serves three purposes.

Firstly it formalises what people on the street already know, there is an economic downturn we have been feeling the pinch for some time now. The Government can not spin this fact any longer, the statistics have caught up. The UK is in recession.

Secondly, Gordon Browns pronouncements that he "Ended Boom and Bust" and "He Saved The World" serve as evidence that he is completely ignorance to real economics and would rather look good coming out with sound-bites on TV rather than making the tough decisions that the people of the UK need. Gordon Brown, His Government and their decisions are a large part of why we are in the trouble we are in.

Thirdly, Gordon Brown is not going to change his approach or outlook. He declares that the UK is using every tool necessary to fight the recession. This is a lie. He has not explored the necessary cuts required in our bloated public sector to bring Government spending under control. The greatest problem that the UK faces in this particular downturn is the size and expense of the Government. As prices and taxes rise this year and next people will have less and less money to spend in their local pub, paper shop and everyday things. Forget upgrading the car or buying a new fridge. Unless Brown shrinks the size of the Government, or we have an election that brings about a government that will we will not come out of this downturn.

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robertr123 said...

I know, but i am so glad that Ulrika won celebrity big brother - right result, right place, right time.