Monday, January 19, 2009

MP's Expenses

Mick Fealty blogged today that MySociety, through is planning an offensive back against MPs who vote in favour of concealing their expenses this week. This involves a letter and email campaign to MPs and the subsequent naming and shaming of MPs who vote for the subversion of open democracy, not forgetting those who abstain. A worthy campaign that I will support on this blog.

Already I see that Douglas Carswell MP has declared on his blog that he will publish online details of all of his expenses. He says he is following the example of Ben Wallace MP. Hopefully all MPs will not only pledge to do the same, but vote down this ridiculous proposal, that can only further alienate politicians from the people they are supposed to serve.

In the aftermath of this issue, should any MP discovered to be wasting tax payer money will surely be slaughtered in the court of public opinion.

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robertr123 said...

But would it make any difference? Ban expenses altogether, make MPs pay for everything out of their own pocket. That will be in my manifesto!