Thursday, January 15, 2009

UN Reports Leaked To WikiLeaks

Internal UN reports have been leaked on the Internet to Wikileaks, some of which reveal cases of international horrors involving UN staff. A translated explanatory page states that there are hundreds of reports and that they are listed as "strictly confidential."

The documents are already said to contain details of rape, forced pregnancy, arms trafficking, exploitation of raw materials, theft of relief supplies, fraud, corruption, and allegations of unlawful activities against a UN representative.

The leak has been made possible because of the availability of Wikileaks on the Internet, which allows whistle blowers from all around the world to safely and securely leak information that is of relevance and interest to the public.

Wikileaks are publishing the documents from their site. Which can be found here.

Given the volume of the documents and the massive amounts of information contained within, it is likely to take journalists and interested parties some time to read and review all of the published documents. I wonder if this will make the Main Stream News, or if this will get brushed under the carpet.

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