Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daniel Ellsberg Video

Wikileaks is still unavailable. The page that everybody is being referred to offers some videos to watch that Wikileaks recommends. I started one, and was only going to watch the first few minutes, but it was very interesting. The video is of Daniel Elllsberg giving a talk to staff at Google. Daniel is famous for two things, firstly for the Ellsberg Paradox, secondly for being the person who leaked the Pentagon Papers to various newspapers in the US.

Because I found it so interesting I am streaming it here as well. It is long at 1:03:54 but covers some very interesting subjects about Government (mostly the one in the US) and Executive Powers. For example, having watched this I have just learned that the US Government does not actually have an Official Secrets Act.

Hopefully Wikileaks will be available again soon and that something more sinister is not taking place. They have, after all been taken offline before by a court in California.

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