Saturday, January 10, 2009

EU to take control of North Sea Gas And Oil?

The Daily Express reported here that the EU is planning to take control of Britain's North Sea Gas and Oil reserves, as well as Dutch resources.

The EU Logic is that because there is a danger of energy supplies being severed from Russia they must act to ensure European Energy Security.

Despite this story making the front page of yesterdays Daily Express, I have not seen reference made on the TV news, and I did not spot this yesterday on The Times, The Independent or Telegraph Websites. (Bloggers for UKIP have their take here). So Bravo to the Daily Express for not only writing about this, but for giving it some prominence.

This is the latest in a really ridiculously long line of infringements upon the British, and of teh EU over Europes Nation States. It is telling that the EU obviously feels that there will be no significant opposition from The UK and The Netherlands. The mindset of our EU Masters is that anything that falls within the EU borders is theirs to control, should they feel they want to.

Is this what your MP's and MEP's are telling you? The Lisbon Constitutional Treaty according to the Labour Party was not to grant additional powers or facilitate further seizing of assets or sovereignty. It was a "tidying up exercise" But then again they lied about giving people a referendum on it, so why not lie again at the extent of the Treaty's powers.

What are the people of the United Kingdom going to do about this? My guess is absolutely nothing. The people of this country have largely become sheep. The game is that Politicians and Media decide what people should care about, if they don't TELL YOU to be worried, you are not. I am not trying to be sanctimonious, but I CHOOSE what I care about. This country would be less of a walk over if more people did the same.

We are still paying these people through our taxes, I think we need to be a whole lot more demanding about what we are getting for our money.

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