Monday, January 12, 2009

My EU Scepticism

I blogged earlier here, mostly to link to Rupert Matthews piece on ConHome.

Part of the reason I wanted to start my own blog, was because I wanted to understand and influence peoples opinions on the the EU through debate; and to be able to reach a wider audience than I could just by posting on various MSM sites. However, I am under no illusions of this particular blogs reach.

So let me tell you this. My EU Scepticism began whilst I was studying at University. In an economics assignment we had to look at the proposed single currency. At the time, Britain had not all together ruled out of participation. I had in my teens been enthused by the idea of European Co-operation, and putting in place economic structures across the EU to rival the USA. It became clear through actually looking further than the news headlines that the UK would need to give up monetary and economic independence to be a participant. The price of participation was and is too high.

It is my belief that the more you read into the subject of the EU, the harder it is to like and appreciate it. It did not take long for me to recognise that the European Project was a one-way implementation whereby member nations gave up more and more to a central legislative, executive and judiciary. I find myself outraged some times at the extent of sovereign control that has been assumed by the EU over the UK without the UK populace having been consulted electorally. Power, is supposed to emanate from the people, not be accumulated centrally for control of the people.

The secretive and subversive manner in with the EU has gained control over the lives of the people of Europe should not go unquestioned. But it mostly has. Successive Conservative and Labour Governments have practiced subservience to the EU. Hardly inspirational is it? Make no mistake, it is not just the EU, it is Westminster.

Eventually, most ordinary people grow to dislike the EU. It is by realising this that we can account for the UK position (at home). Broadly, those who oppose it are largely people who have looked into it, who have been stung by it.

Those who actively support the EU are largely career politicians, and/or people who see professional & personal economic benefits. There are also those who see the potential for enforcement of a socialist state. The don't knows, in UK polls typically out-number the people in favour of the EU, especially when a hard question is asked such as for or against continued membership. These undecideds are the people that need to be awakened to the points in this particular debate, people have a remarkable capacity to form opinions when those opinions are deemed to matter.

My EU Scepticism started with and has grown since that project. I would very much like to hear why it is you are for or against the EU. I am also interested in what you think the UK should do on The EU, on Lisbon and on the EURO.


Anonymous said...

Have a look at - an alternative to Lisbon.

Daniel1979 said...

I have had a look, I have added the Free Europe widget to my page.

Thanks for the link.