Friday, January 30, 2009

Recommended Reading

Dr David Abbott, over at Brits at their Best has been writing to the Queen and Jack Straw. It would seem the Justice Ministry has a different interpretation on the Queens Sovereignty, than that which is set out in the British Constitution.

Daniel Hannan points out that EU Commissioners plan to extend their term of office in defiance of the rules.

After stories that the IMF have accused Gordon Brown of lying on the economy to the point that his pants are actually catching fire, Guido implies gently (final para) that Brown may have found a way to douse those flames, even when holding a press conference.

Leg Iron had something interesting to say about there being no more heroes at Old Holborns blog.

The New Statesman is considering the possibility of another Lib-Lab Coalition.

Frasier Nelson has some graphs from Oxford Economics, showing how the current Brown Stimulus Plan will destroy jobs.

And of course, less reading, more pictures at the brilliant Tractor Stats.

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