Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whatcha Gonna Do?

So Peers can sell their influence on an open market to lobbyists, the Government can't see that it is their very existance and size that is bankrupting the nation, The Irish will be asked to vote for something they have already voted against, the Greeks are rioting, the people of Iceland are rioting, Sterling is crashing, and tax payers are covering bankers wild international splurges.

The BNP seems close to getting elected in Bexley, Lib/Lab/Con all love the EU even though two-thirds of the people they represent dislike the EU, and MPs were prepared to vote to reduce their accountability to tax payers by covering up their expense details.

Our history has placed us with a position of global responsibilities that a great number of people take great pride in, others see this as a great sin, and a stain on our nation. Our armed forces are asked to serve to defend the very principles that this country has been abandoning for a generation. They are sent into battle with insufficient supplies and armour. An experienced squaddie knows that he must even ensure that a sufficient supply of toilet roll is packed as we are often unable to provide such basic provisions.

Our schools maintain a continued decline in standards, with Maths and English coming second to social studies and humanities. They are taught to pass exams, not provided the tools and skills to succeed in life. And what is the point anyway, their parents will have told them that if they can not get a job they can sign on and earn a living by fulfilling some small requirements that ensure that government targets are met. Don't rock the boat and the benefits will keep on coming.

After ten years of proclaiming that schools and hospitals are over stretched, this government has overseen that poor immigrants have entered the UK, en masse for over a decade. Stretching the those services further and further. A whole underclass of poverty stricken immigrants in place to ensure Labour Support for another 25 years is secured. The Labour Party, creating Poverty in the UK to further its own interests.

The Liberals have abandoned any pretence of true Liberal thinking and share no resemblance with the party was founded to oppose the Corn Laws, and now gloriously urinate on the principles of Gladstone, Asquith and Lloyd George. The Liberal Democrats in their present form would not recognise a principle if they tripped over one.

The Conservatives are the only mainstream party whose views countenance to the problems of the nation, but only in terms that slow the progressive visions of the insane and righteous; not to reverse it and set forward a new independent mantra of individual and collective responsibilities, freedom of individuals, especially freedom from state interference, and trust in the free market... which by the way, has lifted more people out of poverty and released more people from the yolk of tyranny than any charity, institution or international law ever conceived.

I really feel that 2009 could be the most radical for a very long time for setting out a shift in the direction of political parties ever... As politicians listen less, the louder we must shout. You may not answer our questions directly and offer soundbites when we need solutions, but we will not go away, and we will not be ignored forever.

When the EU meets to discuss civil unrest in nation states it demonstrates exactly how important the EU considers itself in the governing of Europe. Did anybody actually vote for this? Do we have Democracy and true Civil representation today? I could only answer yes if I could afford to buy a Peer, (and I can't).

There is something fundamentally rotten in our Constitution that the opinions and wishes of so many people can be ignored, and where the tactical application of smear and innuendo has replaced the presentation of facts in our media. We need to change the way politician's are able to govern from above. More accountability, less cost, less intrusion, and these and other rights enshrined and guaranteed. Thomas Jefferson said, "When the people fear the Government there is Tyranny; when the Government fears the people there is Liberty." Which do you think we have in the UK today? Are we moving towards or away from Tyranny?

Do we wish to form a more perfect country for the betterment of ourselves and mankind? or shall we hand ourselves, and our minds over, as requested, to the people who dictate that the way you live is killing the planet, the way you think is the cause of oppression, that you should be subject to laws that they should not? I have my voice now, here in blogosphere. Is your voice, and are your wishes being heard?

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