Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts On Obama

I didn't have a great day at work, the "A" key on my keyboard seems somewhat defunct and this blog is competing with a televised Man Utd game which is on the telly now, so I will keep it brief (for a change).

I wish Barrack Obama, and the people of the US well, I hope he can deliver the upon the promises he has made. I would not have personally voted for Obama, and I fear this is all a very big build up to a very big and very public fall from grace where he will go from super hero to super villain, which will again (as with Bush) distract the course of debate from important subject to the politics of personality. Very simply I agree with the parallels of Obama 2008 and Blair 1997... I suspect UK 2008 is what may happen to US by 2014, if Obama follows a Blair-esque political agenda of "change".

Anyway, there was an election and it was a fair one, I have no problem with the outcome because it is the will of the people. I have never brought into the anti-American sentiment that has malaised Europe in the last few years, and I personally hope that comes to an end now, and that the view of America can return to one of high standing in the world. I certainly think it deserves it.

The high point of the Obama campaign for me came when it was all over. Thankfully, the good people of South Park very succinctly summed up how a non-Obama (like me) supporter has viewed Obama supporters (in this case Randy Marsh), enjoy...

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