Monday, January 12, 2009

Can Britain Leave the EU (2) ?

The second part of MEP Rupert Matthews analysis is here.

It is another interesting piece. I certainly did not get the impression from the Lisbon debates that The Constitutional Treaty allowed for the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs to also head up The European Defence Agency, and thus have right of initiative to propose EU-led military operations. More worryingly the power for the EU to deploy EU troops in ANY EU country without the approval of the national government.

Please read the whole article, as it is yet another eye opener.

There is not a whole lot remaining that the Nation States of the EU can decide upon, independently. The above provisions, have been ushered through as a part of Lisbon under the guise of being a revising treaty of previous EU treaties. One day the people of the EU are going to wake up and rise up against the EU. The EU no longer needs to worry. From this year it will control our armed forces, our nuclear arsenals, our seat on the UN, they have the capacity NOW to control any aspect of their lives that they chose, soon they will have the muscle to enforce their laws.

2009 is THE LAST CHANCE for people of the UK to make a peaceful yet forceful statement to the politicians of the UK. The time for real consultation of the electorate has been and gone. We need to start demanding that more is said and written about the EU. If you find the contents of the Lisbon Treaty unacceptable, then you (like I will, again) need to write to your MP and MEP to register your disapproval. By the combined voracity of our arguments, we CAN force the UKs absorption into the superstate to the top of the political agenda; where the issue belongs.

There will be a General Election in 2009 or 2010. This is the Election where meaningful changes to our relationship can be made, before that relationship finally and irrevocably tips into that of absorbed region.

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