Sunday, December 06, 2009

Doug Carswell - Referendum Man

I seem to be behind on this, but I have just learned that Douglas Carswell MP, one of the few MP's in Parliament that listens to what people are asking for and then tries to deliver is seeking to bring about a Private Members Bill to the floor of the House of Commons providing the people of the U.K. a referendum on membership of the EU.

Private Members Bills are a tool for MP's who are not on the front benches to introduce legislation, but tend to have a low success rate and little floor time is provided.  There is going to be limited time available in Parliament with the lead up to the General Election as well.  However, with an issue as big as continued membership of the EU and with the right momentum there is a chance that Mr Carswell with enough public and media support could force the issue in Parliament.  We should assume that the Whips will not be in any mood to help Mr Carswell in this cause, so it is down to people to make their voices heard and for the general population to shout out that we do indeed want this Bill to be passed to that we can have our say on EU Membership.  It is time the people of this country are allowed a say on what we do and do not want.

Mr Carswell's piece, where he sets out his intentions is here.

I for one wish Mr Carswell every success, I hope he can succeed and help us get what so many of us have longed for, for a long time.  He will be a very popular man if he can!


Uncle Bob said...

I wish him good luck with this attempt...but if he wants it to snowball he needs to address but one issue. The economy. It is the economic argument that will eventually determine whether we stay in or out. I for one believe that we might flourish when freed from the yoke of the EU superstate and allowed to resume our natural competitive trading advantage. Historically, we have a great trading history, superior to all other nations (yes, even the great Leviathan America. Their trading is overwhelmingly domestic.) and there's no reason we couldn't do it again.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

You are on dodgy ground handing power to the people. Look what happened in Switzerland.

No, we will not get a chance to decide one of the most important political issues of the age.

It's far too dangerous to entrust our future to ...ourselves.