Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Novembers Top Referrals

Thank you to all bloggers who continue to send traffic this way, it is very much appreciated.  As always, here is the Top Ten referrers for November, with movement of position indicated in brackets.

1. (+5)  Muffled Vociferaction

2. (-1)  Letters from a Tory

3. (-1)  The Voice of the Resistance

4. (New)  BBC Blogs

5. (+11)  SNP Tactical Voting

6. (-1)  An All Seeing Eye

7. (+1)  EU Referendum

=8. (New)  Football Banter

=8. (-4)  Scunnert Nation

10.  (-7)  Unenlightened Commentary

=11. Subrosa, =11. Rantin Rab, 13. Daily Referendum, 14. John M Ward, 15. Barking Spider, 16. CatoSays 17. The Red Rag, 18. Events Dear Boy, Events, 19. Twitter, =20. Lord Elvis, =20. The Vote of the Resistance.

Farewell to Wardog and Advanced Media Watch who have stopped blogging this month, and also to Lord Elvis's blog, although he will continue to blog over on The Voice of the Resistance.  It is sad to so many blogs disappearing and I wish the people behind them well.

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