Thursday, December 03, 2009

Recomended Reading - 03-Dec-09

Here is my latest recommended reading list.

Please note, I do not necessarily agree with these posts and articles, however I found them sufficiently interesting to warrant a recommendation:

Steve McIntyre's blog time-lines some of Willis Eschenbachs FOI emails with some of the hacked CRU emails.

Subrosa has an interesting quote.

Charlotte Gore no longer wishes to be a Lib Dem blogger.

The Clamour of the Times points to Carbon Fraud in Denmark, soon to be hosts for the Copenhagen Summit.

And Finally, The Daily Mail says that giving cakes to hospital patients is no longer considered safe.



Quiet_Man said...

Subrosa's had to take her blog down due to some stalker having found out her real name and address. I and others have blogged on it.

Daniel1979 said...

Quiet_Man, yes I saw this after this post went up. I emailed Subrosa with my thoughts, and I hope she is able to start blogging again soon.