Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Year And A Bit In Blogging

Christmas is coming, and work is picking up for year end, so my opportunities to blog may become a bit limited over the next few weeks.  There are a few end of year posts I wanted to do, and this is the first.  Here, very simply is a bit of link-love to my past self over the last year and a bit... Dan's best bits so to speak (calm down ladies).

If your new to my blog, here's what has spewed forth over the past year and a bit, which will maybe give you an idea of what I am about, or, for those who visit a little more regularly provide a nice trip down memory lane.

December 2008
Should We Try Something A Little Different
National Anthems

January 2009
Worried about civil liberties in the UK? Got 6 minutes...
Is your number plate illegal?
Whatcha gonna do?

February 2009
The Home Secretary is ripping off Tax Payers
If the system is broke, why don't we fix it?
Are you an alcoholic?

March 2009
Who will pay for the EU?
Job cuts to end by Easter?
Letter to a Tory
An Invitation to Jury Team
Hannan bitch-slaps Brown in EU Parliament
Left wing PM poll closes

April 2009
Queen to step down as Monarch
G20 result - in my humble opinion
The voice of the Prime Minister
What is the greatest human invention of all time?

May 2009
Retirement age to be moved to 70?
MP's expenses, once again
Honour amongst thieves
Constitutional Mischief
Should we seperate the Executive from Parliament?

June 2009
Could Parliament vote to dissolve itself?
Should we look to have an elected upper house - part 1
Labour - wrong again
The Wet Parliament
Chicken soup for The Devil, A Tory and The King

July 2009
The phantom street light caller-inner
Did CNN capture Michael Jacksons ghost on camera?

August 2009
Female Genital Mutilation

September 2009
David Cameron speech on reducing the cost of government.
We are not paedophiles!
Did David Cameron do wrong, or did he act just like the rest of us?
The problem(s) with the Liberal Democrats
Voting = bad, terrorism = good... got that?

October 2009
An open letter to the people of Ireland
Writing strategy for Dave... Not!
Northern Ireland Assembly votes in favour of referendum on Lisbon.
On the side of Angels

November 2009
Cameron, Conservatives and The EU
David Camerons new EU policy - my verdict
Pictures from Westminster
An interesting thought
My Agenda

December 2009
Climategate: Caught green handed - Monckton report
A few receipts that stand out


Corrugated Soundbite said...

That's quite a milestone there. A belated "well done"!

It's always good to see blogs like this (written by busy folk with commitments) marching on when too many seem to have fallen by the wayside in recent months.

Have a good Christmas.

subrosa said...

Dan I can't find an email address for you but I think this may be of interest to you:

Congrats for lasting the pace. It's not easy trying to juggle blogging with a life!

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks Corrugated Soundbite. Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

Daniel1979 said...

Hi Subrosa. Thanks for leaving the url to that, as I had not seen that article. UK govt. making legislation so they can point to having legislation when they have no intention of acting upon it and protecting those girls the horror and risks of that torture. It makes me mad.

I will keep juggling for a bit longer... I want to do my bit to see out this Labour Government and our god awful Prime Minister. Well done to you too for exactly the same reasons !!

Daniel1979 said...

ps - daniel1979blog (at) gmail dot com