Monday, June 08, 2009

Labour - Wrong Again

I am not a Labour MP so I guess I don't get a say in it, but watching some of the limp debriefings from people leaving the Parliamentary Labour Party meeting, my measure on events is that Labour MPs lack the stomach for a fight. Not something I would want to see from my MP.

This is part of the reason the country is where it is, how often have we seen the Labour Government of the last decade set a direction in which the Parliamentary Labour Party was too frit to stand up an oppose; Iraq, foundation hospitals, various budgets, the abolition of 10p tax, fox hunting, Lisbon, Post Offices, hospital closures, tuition fees etc... Again when they are needed they line up behind the Whip.

There were a few who spoke to the TV news who seem unconvinced, but if Labour does not act now it will end up with the worst of both worlds. It was hard to imagine a sub 22% Labour vote, but they took 15.3% on the EU election... it may not recover from this number. What is a victory for Labour now, a 22% vote tally?

When faced with the gamble of one more year on the gravy train by taking a big risk with Gordon Brown or putting their arguments to the country they chose the the easy option.

It's not just the lack of spirit from the PLP in the face of election wipe out, (15%, it was only yesterday you can't have forgotten already!) it's that we will have to listen to Gordon re-re-re-re-hashing some old initiatives, again in the next few weeks, dutifully reported by our MSM as he attempts to add a lick of paint to mask the damage. We have seen it all before, and we registered our feedback at the ballot box. Yet again our voice is ignored.


subrosa said...

Dan you've saved me the effort of saying exactly that.

Spineless minions looking after number one, that's what they are.

Letters From A Tory said...

The lack of spirit from the PLP is just baffling. Hard to separate those in denial about impending failure from those who genuinely support Brown, though.