Tuesday, June 09, 2009

PM Poll Closes

I asked how you felt the Paralysis at the head of our government and the ensuing crisis would play out in a short poll, here is how you responded.

Gordon Brown Resigns by Monday (8th June) – 7% (2)

Parliament votes to dissolve itself (10th June) – 11% (3)

Re-shuffle fails – 22% (6)

Email plot forces PM Challenge – 7% (2)

Gordon announces Autumn election – 11% (3)

Gordon holds on until June 2010 – 40% (11)

Queen installs new PM and dissolves Parliament before July – 0%

Something else – 0%

The 2 that said resign by Monday were wrong, and I suspect the email plot has died, even if the people behind it might try something else. Last night’s PLP meeting seems to have brought supporters out in front of detractors and with the cabinet largely purged of opponents it seems unlikely in the short term that Gordon is going to get a tap on the shoulder.

I feel the best chance is the vote tomorrow, but without Labour Backbench support it is doomed to fail, leaving a later challenge or the pressure being applied so that a summer or Autumn election as the best chances of being rid before next year.

The late surge on the poll was on Gordon holding out until June, a lot of votes yesterday for that as it became clear that the plotters are either inept or are very few in numbers.

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