Thursday, June 04, 2009

Election Day Newspapers

Thursday 4th June was supposed to be remembered for being the date of local and EU elections in the UK. There is a chance it will be remembered for very different reasons, with the dagger hanging over the head of the PMs career.

I wonder if and where Gordon Brown will be campaigning during the day and what the reaction is to him. I gather from TV pictures that his events are fairly closed off, but if there is a public backlash that will make for interesting election day TV.

Anyway, I thought because it was an election day I would give an early summary of what the papers are saying.

The Telegraph says that Gordon Brown is fighting for his political life. They also carry polling from YouGov which indicates that Labour will be pushed into fourth place in the EU election.

The Guardian is saying that Gordon Brown hangs on, for now and they also claim to reveal the rebels timetable for unseating the Prime Minister.

The Times says that despite the local and EU elections on June 4th, two more elections are needed: an election for Labour Leader and a General Election.

The Mail online leads with the quote “You can best serve the Party by stepping down”: Labour MPs tell Brown to go. They also say that Blairite potential rebels have warned that positioning Ed Balls as Chancellor would be a “Very Grave Mistake”.

The Daily Express says Brown Cabinet crumbles on eve of elections as Hazel Blears quits.

The Suns Political leader begins: Dear Gordon, please resign…Now and continues by pointing out that Gordon Brown faces the prospect of being the first premier dumped by email.

The Mirror has not yet updated tomorrow’s stories online. They are the only newspaper that has not yet openly stated that they think Gordon Brown should go, and from the TV newspaper reports that will not change with tomorrows edition.

The Star says the Labour Party is in turmoil after Hazel Blears quit.

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