Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catching Up

It has been a busy week, my manager has been over from the US and one of my in-laws has been unwell, so I have had very little time for the news, let alone to post anything on the blog.

I haven't been reading the papers, I haven't seen much news, I missed PMQ's, Question Time, This Week and my regular Thursday live-blog on B-BBC.

I did hear about Ronaldo's move to Real, but that is for another blog.

However, I was looking forward to the prospect of what might occur from the dissolution debate on Wednesday, so I made the occasional two second visit to Sky News and BBC on Wednesday, but these revealed nothing.

I half expected (well, hoped) to hear crowds spontaneously break into applause as a dissolution was announced, but it got to the end of the day and there was nothing in the news about what had happened.

I am struggling to find a comprehensive write up, but I understand that there was a poor turn-out, and by virtue of Parliament still sitting I guess the Government won the vote.

Very disappointing.

Anyway, I did stumble upon this clip from the debate, which is of William Hague in fine form.

I will easing myself back into blogging over the next few days.


subrosa said...

Oh Dan I did my best to put something up about the debate.

First this one:

and then this one:

Quite a few others put up Haig's speech too. So a bit to choose from.

Tarquin said...

Labour stuck to the whip, 340 to 200-something

There was a motion passed in scotland, but that's meaningless