Monday, June 22, 2009

Incapable Of Changing

Not Surprised at all, but the Daily Telegraph has up the story that the Labour Whips are touting for Margaret Beckett as she is Browns Preferred Candidate.

The election of Speaker is supposed to be a free and secret ballot so that the person elected has the support of the whole house and is not beholden to a party for this position. If Beckett is elected with the support of the Whip, she will be the place-person of a discredited and unpopular PM, and unable to draw support from across the House... The main requirement for a Speaker looking to reform Parliament in the wake of the MP Expenses scandal.

I have said before, and I say again: Legitimate reform of Parliament requires a General Election, a fresh Parliament and then a fresh Speaker.

Same old Gordon.

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Tarquin said...

If Beckett wins, in a whipped vote, the third Labour speaker in a row, parliament would become even more of a farce (if that's possible)

Although I don't know how this affects the electorate, somehow I doubt many care about the speaker, even if this is up on BBC and the papers - another nail in the coffin perhaps?