Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Could Parliament Vote To Dissolve Itself

The prospect of a vote in Parliament for an early dissolution may be made next week when Plaid Cymru and the SNP get the chance to call for a debate on whether Parliament should be dissolved. It is an issue that leaves little debate in the wider country and both Nats parties receive my thanks for bringing the debate to the floor.

Parliament should be dissolved, I keep saying it but only a General Election and a fresh house can repair the damage done. More recently, Gordon Brown is making overtures that he wants to ram through Constitutional reforms, when he has never once faced the country and asked for a mandate to make such changes. It is also becoming clear that the Government is in chaos, and that the Labour Party could face another very long spell out of power and are risking losing ground to the Liberal Democrats.

In my opinion if the Liberal Democrats do the improbable and overtake Labour they can stay there for a very long time.

Since hearing this on the way home and reading around the blogs, I see that Conservative Home is already saying that William Hague has confirmed the Conservatives would back such a motion, now this is a relishing prospect. There are 350 Labour MPs, 3 Social & Democratic Labour Party Members, plus maybe Claire Short which Nick Brown will be looking to Whip. So a 30ish swing of Labour MPs could force the issue if every single other MP supported the motion.

Anyway, I will not get too ahead of myself there, as nothing is certain yet, but a hammering on Thursday and the continued implosion of the Cabinet will certainly bring wider calls for this motion to happen.

I will be the happiest man in the land if it is Parliament itself finds that the best way to fix itself is to consult the electorate.


Tarquin said...

I'm being cynical here, but as much as I wish, I doubt Labour will be destroyed forever

I think history has shown that parties recover and the grassroots will begin to sort it out once Brown and co are gone, there's still a lot of people (mostly older, granted) who believe in the ideology and will resurrect Labour just as they did after Kinnock - get rid of Brown and I expect they'll be back

Henry North London said...

You might be happy but it leaves precious little time for me to campaign if they hold an early election

Daniel1979 said...


Get some more of those T-Shirts printed, they were very eye-catching and will help with your campaigning.

Be prepared, I think the tide has just turned permanently and terminally against the Prime Minister today.

Henry North London said...

I have one in the post

I was predicting a June election and no one was listening to me