Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chicken Soup For The Devil, A Tory & The King

I am saddened to read that so many bloggers are down, but the truth is I have had a bout of it myself in recent weeks. The following bloggers are so de-motivated they have said they have thought about giving it up. Lord Elvis has recently reversed his decision, but they all need a hug, so please stop by and cheer them up:

Devils Kitchen

Steve Green

Lord Elvis

There are others, and to all who are down I have written this post just for you.

In respects to Nightjacks outing, I do not know what to say to alleviate the fears that may persist that a newspaper or a fellow blogger may unveil you against your wishes and I have no magic wand that I can use to lift anybodies spirits or make it easier for bloggers to find time around work and family.

But I do know that I do not want to see any blogger give up their blogs through dissatisfaction or because of the fear of what others may do. I am under no illusions of my own blogs size or authority but I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble. That is how I approach each post, and hope that my message is reaching at least some people some of the time.

Like wise to those named, it may seem a bit trite, but it is apt:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Your blogs are helping to make our system better, even if it is slowly and incrementally.

I need to borrow others words, for they have stood the tests of time and accuracy.

Furthermore, here are 10 reasons I have come up with off the top of my head as to why you should carry on:

1. Because there is an increase of journalists who openly state that they hate centre-right blogs and bloggers and if you stop blogging that may very well make them, and certian newspaper owners very happy.

2. Because even though this Labour Government is going to get kicked out sometime in the next year, the intellectual battle has not been won, yet. Labours opinion polls are based on Browns Personality more than a shift in the country’s political compass.

3. Because, if you had never started your blogs we might not have had a great Bloggers get together in May in the St Stephens Tavern…

4. … And we can have plenty more of those in the future!!

5. Because, blogs are a big reason why the Libertarian Party has become so well known and played a huge part in the rejuvenation of the Conservative Party – Every blog post counts!

6. Because I like reading all of your blogs and the Blogosphere would be a poorer, emptier place without your contributions.

7. Because thousands of others have visited your blogs and would like to do so in the future!

8. Because, you may not know it now, but there is the possibility that through your blog you may achieve your life defining moment.
9. Because you have made an impact in people’s lives and that is a good thing. New and aspiring bloggers look to establish blogs for ideas and inspiration, I have taken much from reading your blogs.

10. Because when Mr Brown is finally deposed of his office, there will never in your lives be a more satisfying post than the one you will write immediately after hearing that news! Do you really want to miss that opportunity?

Now, take what time you need, but I look forward to reading a lot more from you guys in the future and hope you all are back in front of the keyboard soon.
21:00: Chicken Soup and hugs needed for Ross & Henry too.


Catosays said...

Bloody hell, Daniel. Have you been reading my blog?
Well said though and a lot better than my call to arms!

Henry North London said...

Thanks even I need chicken soup

Im having difficulty

Theres nothing to blog about, and if you do its all as if no one wants to read it anymore

Or is that just me?

Anonymous said...

Well said. I couldn't possibly add anymore apart from that I'm looking forward to point 10.

Daniel1979 said...

I always read your blog Cato, but I missed your call to arms, but you're right... We should keep Buggering on!

Tarquin said...


Ross said...

Much appreciated, I didn't realise that demotivation was so widespread!