Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How Many Cabinet Resignations Do We Have To Have Before We Get A General Election?

I ask, because I see Hazel Blears has jumped ship.

Another question beckons, is there anybody left in the Parliamentary Labour Party who is both willing and capable of operating as a cabinet minister?

Final question for now would be who is going to do the job of tapping the Prime Minister on the shoulder and telling his it's time to go. I would have thought Jack Straw, but who knows.

I really think that history is going to record these last few months as one of the darkest periods of British Government history. This is going to be yet another interesting, but dark day.


Catosays said...

On my own blog and elsewhere, I've commented that this farce has to be an attempted putsch. 4 Ministers resigning in two days is not coincidence.

Tarquin said...

I don't know about willing - but capable doesn't really come into it, unless the MP was a complete numpty of course...or honest

Ministers are not qualified for anything (see: Yes Minister) - but that's been even more obvious this past term with the elevation of an inexperienced teacher to the role of Home Sec

But I do doubt that there are few left willing - all the talk of the reshuffle suggested deckchair style with few new faces, now he's lost two of the big 4 and few MPs would drink from the poisoned chalice