Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Government Is About To Fall

There will be wide support from the opposition parties next week for the mooted debate on whether to dissolve Parliament, should Gordon Brown survive so long. But as I said yesterday, on full attendance there needs to be a mid-30 swing if all MPs attend, and all non-Labour MPs all vote for dissolution.

The BBC has reported today that there is a letter circling abound the backbenchers, and Iain Dales suggests that has already been signed by around 40 MPs. Although 72 is the magic number there, it is clear that should a dissolution vote take place there are already enough Labour MPs in the bag to make it happen already, before the debate has begun. This situation absolutely makes Gordon Browns Position as Prime Minister untenable in my opinion and I think as the day goes on and more is heard from current and potential ex-cabinet members this situation will progress.

So, Mr Johnson it is time to step forward from the shadows and in to the daylight so as to seize your moment. We do not want a reluctant leader, nor do we need someone who is unsure of the task at hand or their own abilities. If it is you who is to steer the ship in the interim you need to do it with conviction.

I also say again what I have said here before, the only acceptable course of action, and the only acceptable way to reform our system is to call for and deliver a General Election.

If The Labour Party cannot sort this out for themselves then it is worth remembering that the Queen is within her powers to dissolve Parliament herself and appoint an interim Prime Minister. This is the nuclear option and things should not be allowed to get that far. However, considering Mr Browns failure to stand for a leadership election of his party, and the absence of a General Election victory with him as leader gives him little mandate. The argument for continuity in government is lost with the massive deviations from the last Labour Manifesto and what has been provided from HMG; her Majesty herself would be better serving democracy by triggering the election in which the overwhelming majority of her subjects desire.... Like I said before, it is time for Alan Johnson to step forward.


Catosays said...

Couldn't agree more Danny.

Bill Quango MP said...

Unfortunately HM Queen just can't do it. Only the Labour party can remove the Labour leader.
Newsnight are following up your Alan Johnson idea right now.
Ask for royalties.